Starting a Bachelor Party Company

Starting a Bachelor Party CompanyIt’s something you have always thought about doing but thought it was most likely way to hard to get off the ground.

Well actually, starting a bachelor party and/or bachelorette party company is pretty simply. And when I say simple, I mean nothing short of it. This is just a quick run through, you can follow our blog to get more details on each and every detail on this topic to perfect this business.

Once, you figure out whatever your local laws are on adult oriented businesses and if you need any sort of licenses you are on your way. Don’t worry, finding this information out is real easy and can take as little as one day to take care of just call around to all the necessary officials and eventually you will find out who you need to talk to and what and where you can take care of everything.

Next, all you need is company name of course, and a reliable phone number.

Once you get these two things, the first thing you are gonna want to do is add your company info to as many local business directories as you possible can. Google and Yahoo should be the first two you setup because they are the most popular and free of course.

I would recommend putting your business information in every free business directory even if it is a website you have never heard of before.

Now that you have all that taken care of you need hustle up some entertainers. This is extremely easy but can take a little time. All you have to do is make a post on and Trust me you will get plenty of entertainers  interested in doing bachelor parties and bachelorette parties. You just gotta weave through all the emails and calls to find legit entertainers that look attractive.

You are definitely gonna need a legit website eventually, so keep that in mind. Personally, if you on a budget I would wait until you knock a few parties out before coming out of pocket.

Remember, the entertainment industry is all about looking good,  so in other words. If your company looks attractive, it will attract customers.

Next, you are gonna have to figure out what you are gonna charge to host a party. To figure this out, all you need to do is simply figure out what you are gonna pay your entertainers and how much you are gonna pay yourself for your time. this will give you your booking cost to charge your customers.

So, in a nut shell this is how easy it is to get a bachelor party company off the ground. But just like anything the more work and time you put into it the more successful it will eventually be.

Synn City Entertainment offers franchising option, basically a turn key bachelor party company for your area for just a monthly fee. We basically do all the start up work for you and have you in business over night. If you are interested feel free to send us an email.






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